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A Family Owned Business. Treating You Like Family.

Custom Rod Designs

Catch more fish!

About BS Custom Rods!


BS Custom Rods has been a family-owned business since 1988 owned by Sean came by his talents by following his father, Jim Branin.  Sean also has years of experience learning the best fishing techniques which have been passed down from generation to generation and practicing with the right equipment resulting in success!  Over the years, Sean has used his own experience and knowledge in the designing of his trademarked BS Custom Rods, achieving

top-of-the-line products that continue to evolve to this day.


Sean’s father Jim lived in Florida and the love for fishing, its competitive nature and his daily routine played a large part in the industry as he built custom fishing rods.  When he passed away in 2015 his legacy of wisdom, great stories and his quality custom rods remained an important part of the industry.  His flawless craftsmanship and unique design have stood the test of time surpassing the toughest tests with proven results!


Sean has taken over the business and is continuing his father’s legacy. 

BS Custom Rods are built in the memory of his father, honoring and instilling the same quality and craftsmanship and top-notch components to assure the finished rod is Best in Class!  Sean is diligent making sure each rod design is custom and building a custom product that will out-perform any cookie cutter manufactured rod and reel.


Sean states “his accomplishments are rewarded 10-fold when he gets the chance to build a custom for rod, teach others the benefits of a custom rod and see the results, but the greatest reward of all is knowing his dad is still a huge part of it all.”


All rods are made in Idaho, USA. We custom build each rod to your liking whether it’s an ice fishing rod and an open water rod for Walleye, Panfish, Pike or Lake Trout our promise is that you will feel the difference.


Let us know how BS Custom Rods can help you with your custom fishing gear! Give us a call at 925.757.4012, contact us, or ask for a quote on a custom rod!

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