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Local Outdoor Adventures for the Spring

Get your fishing rods & gear ready. Spring is here!

One of the best parts about living in Idaho is how easy it is to get to a beautiful hike, hot spring, or view. During the spring time there are plenty of Outdoor Adventures to check out. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites.

1. Hot Springs

There are so many natural and commercial hot springs that surround the Boise area that all you need to do is make your list of what ones you want to check out most and start crossing them off your list. Maybe even more so than Winter, Spring is the perfect time to hike in and explore a natural hot spring.

2. Sawtooth Weekend Trip

Do yourself a favor and go see Redfish Lake, located in the Sawtooth Mountains for a glorious weekend getaway. People even venture out in the winter for camping trips there, but come spring might be easier for those that aren’t as experienced.

3. Shoshone Falls and Caldron Linn

Located on the Snake River, Shoshone Falls is truly a site to see. One of the main attractions for the falls is Caldron Linn which is a 25-foot waterfall, and because of all the melted snowpack during the Spring months, it is supposedly the best time to venture out and see it.

4. Hike Stack Rock

For those of you looking for more than an intermediate or beginner hike not far from town, Stack Rock might be just the trail for you. It is 8.2 miles and is rated as a moderate hike where dogs are welcome!

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