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BS Custom Rods

Custom hand built rods made in Idaho, USA with quality components and built to last.

Catch more fish with BS Custom Rods!

BS Custom Rods is a family-owned business since 1988 and boasts over 40 years of combined experience. All rods are made in Idaho, USA keeping the angler’s fishing style and preferences at the top-of-mind. We custom build each rod to our customers' liking whether it’s an ice fishing rod or an open water rod for Walleye, Panfish, Pike or Lake Trout. Our promise is that you'll feel the difference! We specialize in custom rod building including fly rods, casting rods, spinning rods, as well as repairs and modifications with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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I just want to start by saying this was the best buying experience that I have ever had with any custom product. BS Custom Rods makes some of the nicest and most reliable rods you can find, and when you are able to combine that with a custom rod it truly becomes a dream. The rod is better than expected and the whole process from start to finish honestly made it seem too good to be true. Just want to say thanks to BS Custom Rods and everyone over there who put effort into this! Unreal rod and a lifelong BS Custom rods fan.


Custom hand built rods made in Idaho, USA with only the best components built to last.

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