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Tips for Taking Your Kids Fishing

Springtime means making family time.

Fishing is a fantastic activity that gets your kids outside and interacting with the environment. With a little preparation and patience, you will have your kids catching their first fish in no time. Building memories on the water is very rewarding and we have some ways to help make it super simple. Here are my top tips for successfully fishing with kids.

Change your expectations

If you’ve gone fishing previously it might have been a relaxing time for you. If there are kids and hooks, however, it won’t start out relaxing. In fact, it might take years until you feel that a fishing trip feels like a calming family bonding time. Also, it might feel like a lot of work for a few fish. But that’s where we have to stop thinking things aren’t “worth it” on our end. I’m sure it’ll be “worth it” to them!

Avoid the baby poles

Lots of people (and blogs) say to avoid the very small child poles. They aren’t even that cheap money wise, but you get a cheap line and they won’t grow with your child. A youth pole is different from a child pole, and youth poles will grow with your small child until adolescence. The very small toddler pole is not generally recommended.

Start with an easy species

Start with a species of fish that are accessible and more willing to bite. For most of us, this is going to be panfish. Panfish is an umbrella term for a cluster of small warm-water fish known for their delicious taste and inability to outgrow a large frying pan.

End things on a high note

You always want to leave on top; this can be at a casino, work meeting, or a fishing outing with your kid. Instead of your day dwindling from a roaring fire to a dying bed of embers’, you want to end things at the peak. End your day on a solid moment; this can be a fish catch, a joke, or something that randomly makes you feel good. End things positively, and the chances are that young anglers will want to come back for more.

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